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Foundation Mladenovo

Mladenovo Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in 24.07.2012 in the register of non-profit organizations with public benefit. The mission of the Foundation is to create conditions to support and develop talent in Lom region.
Objectives of the Mladenovo Foundation are:
  • To create conditions to support and develop talent in Lom and the region
  • To initiate, carry out or assist projects and programs to support community development
  • To develop and promote spiritual values, civil society, health, education, science, culture, technology and physical education
  • To create conditions for temporary or long term employment for groups in vulnerable condition
  • To keep human rights and the environment
  • To support the collaboration among the Municipality, the NGOs and the business for sustainable development
  • To unite the human and financial resources and to direct them toward the realization of common identified interests and priorities of the community
The activity of the Foundation is based on the following issues:
  • The issue of obeying the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria
  • The act of decision taking of the Foundation Chairman
  • The issue of transparency and reporting
  • The issue  of avoiding conflict of interests
  • The issue of keeping the will of the donors and the requirements of the international and Bulgarian donors of the Foundation.


Mladenovo foundation offers different possibilities for you to become a part of the real change in Bulgaria and to support the people in a number of towns and villages to change them for the better. 

Your support can achieve significant change in the quality of life of people, improving their environment, culture, education, health and economic sitiation. Thus, you can become a part of the process of restoring Bulgaria and turning it in a great place to live in.

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Eurobank Bulgaria AD


IBAN: BG34 BPBI 7933 1078 9734 01